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Trellis Case Studies

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Case Study: Slim margins yet big results

 A UK-based company, who sells a wide range of products in the beauty and healthcare industry successfully managed their large catalog. Through automation they found growth avenues despite slim margins...

Using strategic ecommerce automation

Case Study: 450% Growth With Strategic 4P Automation

Amazon superseller Luxe Weavers uses Trellis’ 4P automation to streamline processes and augment workflows. Leveraging advertising, dynamic pricing, promotions, and product content to accelerate their profitable growth. The company: Luxe...

Luxe Walmart Advertising Software Case Study

Case Study: 12X Luxe’s Sales With Calculated Targeting On Walmart

The Company: Luxe Weavers Luxe Weavers is a premium family-owned rug company that looks to provide quality home-furnishing items. They’ve developed a sizeable foothold in online marketplaces by offering a...

Case Study: World Products Increases Sales by 3X While Saving 1,650 Hours

The Company: World Products World Products is a full-service Amazon agency built to serve all parts of the Amazon merchandising experience for healthcare and OTC pharma brands of all sizes....

Sponsored Brands Video 101: Harness the Power of Video Advertising on Amazon

With the launch of Amazon Sponsored Brand video in December 2019, the e-Commerce giant generated nearly $21.5 billion from ads alone in 2020, up from around 9.3 billion dollars in 2019. Research...

MapSherpa Case Study

How MapSherpa successfully scaled advertising on Amazon

There are lots to think about as a big brand on Amazon — supply chain, stock, content, reviews, shipping, and advertising. MapSherpa was no exception to this long list of...

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