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Case Study: 450% Growth With Strategic 4P Automation

Using strategic ecommerce automation

Amazon superseller Luxe Weavers uses Trellis’ 4P automation to streamline processes and augment workflows. Leveraging advertising, dynamic pricing, promotions, and product content to accelerate their profitable growth.

The company: Luxe Weavers

Luxe Weavers is a premium family-owned rug company that looks to provide quality home-furnishing items.

They are one of Amazon’s top sellers in the rug category. Developing a sizable foothold in online marketplaces by offering a variety of high-quality styles at a lower cost by keeping production in-house.

This lean supply chain and a strong eye for quality, combined with a focus on excellent customer experience, have made their business fundamentally strong, but one concern remained. How can they reasonably control the 4Ps of eCommerce Merchandising?

Good Amazon Brand Page
Luxe Weavers a family-owned, premium rug company looks to improve their eCommerce merchandising using Trellis

The goal: integrating the 4Ps to profitably grow

As a fast-growing company, allocating resources to manually run their placement of advertising, product content, promotion analysis and monitoring, and pricing wasn’t practical.

Luxe Weavers was looking for a balanced solution that would allow them to guide their merchandising without drowning themselves in daily optimizations, data, and cumbersome workflows around the 4Ps.

Believing that a merchandising mindset would support their vision, they felt that automation was the right next step to grow market share while maintaining their profitability.

The solution: controlling the entire board  

Organizations that spend a lot of time on keyword targeting, price testing, and promotion planning are unable to take a step back to see the entire board. They spend time on small changes that only impact a few associated products instead of making directional changes for the business.

A new strategy, a different creative direction, or the implementation of automation software are the types of changes that have wide-scale and long-lasting benefits for keywords, promotions, and products. 

Automated solutions allow businesses to try new things, test them, and analyze them without creating huge work dependencies.

Understanding the power of getting out of the weeds and controlling the entire board with oversight, Luxe Weavers wanted automation to help them make vital moves while being free to formulate long-term game plans and strategies to profitably grow.  

To drive growth and get the most out of every dollar, Luxe Weavers’ long-term strategy included using automation to help with: 

  • Daily optimizations, 
  • Effective forecasting and full-control of their strategy,
  • Connecting their workflows across ads, promotions, and pricing. 

Deep 4P optimization and ongoing maintenance

With Trellis, Luxe Weavers maximizes coverage across the entire catalog to increase revenue. To help control our catch-all campaigns and force competitors to pay up for cheap keywords, Luxe Weavers uses Trellis’ ACoS controls, simple media plan creation, and automation to build general campaigns for all of our products. 

How to create an Amazon Ad
Simple ad creation helps Luxe focus on long-term impact not daily maintenance.

These catch-all campaigns, group products and focus on low-cost keywords. They either find holes in the market where ad space is cheap or take advantage of reduced competition as budgets run out later in the day.

With this strategy, we maintain a cost-effective baseline of sales for all products gaining exposure and momentum for the entire catalogue. 

Leveraging the 80/20 rule, Luxe Weavers uses Trellis to identify best sellers. With auto-generated tags, we have a birds-eye-view on our top products helping us focus on our high-opportunity campaigns. 

How to manage best sellers on Amazon
With automated best seller tags, Luxe Weavers easily sees what products you should focus on.

Using our sales momentum, these campaigns are advertised, priced, and promoted to further maximize overall sales growth. Through Funnel Targeting, Luxe Weavers leverages well-converting, profitable keywords, in tandem with sales-inducing prices and promotions. 

Automation helps to instantly generate and optimize these changes. Trellis continuously adjusts the 4Ps for conversions across the entire catalogue while supercharging growth in high-opportunity areas using advertising automation, and price and promotion modelling systems.

Connecting tools with seamless UI and APIs

To provide further control, Luxe Weavers needed a platform that brought the complete Amazon feature set into one platform. 

Tired of playing with multiple tools, apps, and software, Luxe Weavers wanted to consolidate their efforts.

Collecting their data in spreadsheets using manual labor, it was difficult to streamline their merchandising. Switching between platforms to leverage different Ps or to use a combination of ad types like Sponsored Brand and Sponsored Display ads was not an option. 

What ad types does Amazon offer in Trellis
Create any Amazon ad type to support all of Luxe Weavers' goals.

Trellis gives users access to Amazon advertising features in one place. Allowing businesses like Luxe to leverage remarketing strategies in the same platform that they use Dynamic Pricing to acquire new-to-brand customers. 

Having this workflow connected and supported by Trellis’ marketplace intelligence features alongside their 4P merchandising integration means more streamlined workflows and cross-segmented data.

Seeing the benefits of this connectivity, we take advantage of price modelling to help further the objectives of our advertising. We combine ads with Goldilocks pricing and promotions to leverage items in high demand. 

Connected tools ensure that Luxe Weavers has access to every piece of information on the board to grow their marketshare.

4Ps of Marketing and eCommerce Merchandising Software
We view and manage all 4Ps in a centralized dashboard.

Complete analysis

When manually analyzing data, brands often have to pull back efforts on their analysis to account for only their highest priorities. Organizations have to negotiate how much time they spend, sacrificing the quality of their insights. 

On Amazon, these tradeoffs can be severe if you’re not careful. With data coming from a host of sources, sellers need to do a lot of data collection and segmentation. In doing so, brands like Luxe Weavers establish extremely profitable paths forward. 

“Working with Trellis' 4P automation has freed my team to think more strategically, saving us from hours of data collection and ongoing maintenance a week.”

Yet some organizations forego a complete analysis entirely because the regular effort necessary is too costly. Before, Luxe Weavers committed resources to collecting their data in spreadsheets often using virtual assistants to manage those documents. 

Using workflows that relied on manual labor to:

  • Find optimal pricing,
  • Understand the profitability of promotions,
  • Track sales lift after promotional events, and
  • Analyze product collections. 

While Luxe Weavers had a process to find the data that they needed most, they felt that Trellis could help them do it quicker, with additional depth, and more cost-effectively.

Having a direct connection with their Amazon data through APIs, Trellis actively collects data from different endpoints and combines it in user-friendly reports to glean new insights.

How to access Amazon advertising reports
View and select any report to augment our 4Ps, in one place.

With data more accessible, Luxe Weavers spends more time activating their data rather than collecting it. With their pricing, promotion, and advertising results only a few clicks away from each other, they are able to pivot quicker with more confidence.

In tandem, Trellis uses the same endpoints to build profit curves, sales estimates, and purchase behavior reports to provide advanced insights.

With other information like confidence scores, stock indicators, and automated life cycle tags, Trellis processes data to be used, not to be poked and prodded. 

By giving users both a depth of information and rolling it up into easy-to-understand metrics like Return on Merchandising Spend (ROMS), Luxe Weavers is able to keep up with their 4Ps effectiveness and profitability.

Results: eCommerce merchandising growth

With thorough optimization across ad campaigns and improved pricing, Luxe Weavers was able to increase RoAS by 38% and ad sales by 450% over a year.  

This comes with a 72% increase in Return on Merchandising spend since rolling out our 4P beta at the start of January. A metric that records both RoAS and return on your promotions, giving brands a more holistic picture of how their costs relate to their revenue.

38% ROAS Increase

Through daily automation and bid optimization.

Grow Sales 450%

With effective best-seller utilization and catch-all campaigns.

Improve ROMS 72%

By using, integrating, and automating the 4Ps of merchandising.

The future: enhancing the capabilities of their team

As Luxe Weavers thrives through the 4Ps, their workflows, processes, and as a result, their market share improves with Trellis. 

Trellis continues to launch new capabilities to help take advantage of sponsored display and brand innovations, to leverage new marketplaces like Walmart, and by launching other completely new functionality like the product content SEO module powered by AI.

“Trellis is helping us build results beyond what I could have expected. By having my advertising, promotions, and pricing data in one place, we activate airtight merchandising strategies to grow profitably.”

By partnering together, Luxe Weavers’ strong eCommerce Merchandising is primed to grow with a software like Trellis.

This article was written in collaboration with Tola from Luxe Weavers.

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