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Grow Your Marketshare 

With always-on keyword research and implementation.


Pay The Lowest Auction Price 

Through daily bid optimizations informed by your objectives.


Expedite Your Workflows 

Build and manage multiple campaigns through one workflow.


Make Your Data Actionable

Leverage historical data & your knowledge about your products.

What we offer


Stand out to customers at every stage of the shopping journey

Trellis’ discovery process identifies the best keywords for every stage of the funnel. Then, our algorithm allocates bids and spend levels to launch a profitable advertising campaign that meets your business goals.

catalog management

Improve catalog productivity with intelligent automation

Promote new and best-selling products without compromising the rest of your catalog. Our advanced AI promotes new and best-selling products while avoiding organic sales cannibalization by promoting older and worse-selling products.

Spend efficiency

Make every advertising penny count

Your money is important – and we treat it that way. Trellis’ bidding algorithm dramatically reduces wasted ad spend by redistributing budgets and adjusting bids daily, based on CVR, CTR, serving hours, and impressions.

Shopper insights

Get inside your customer’s heads with detailed analytics

When you know what buyers want, you know where to focus your advertising efforts. Our rigorous analytical tools help get that perfect mix of branded, tailored, and generic ads to land new customers and promote repeat purchases.

Brand Awareness

Make a statement on product listings

Create engaging, marketplace-ready videos in minutes with our built-in video creation tool. Stick out from the crowd and promote your products with sponsored brand videos.

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