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Create and optimize campaigns within seconds, automate keyword harvesting, and take action on data-driven insights through Trellis' AI-powered Amazon advertising software.
Amazon Advertising Software

By leveraging Amazon advertising automation

ai-powered advertising automation

Maximize market share

Combining intelligent keyword harvesting, campaign automation and algorithmic bidding with the right ad types, Trellis stays on top of achieving your RoAS and ACoS goals by dynamically computing bids and exploring new keyword opportunities to optimize your Amazon ads. 

full-funnel targeting

Engage repeat customers

Trellis’ proprietary Discovery process enables you to intercept shoppers as they browse categories and explore competing products by targeting keywords, audiences, and competitors. Our best-in-class AI learns from historical performance data to deliver the most relevant and best-converting campaigns.

amazon PPC Optimization

Enhance spend efficiency

Save yourself the hassle of setting up and controlling multiple campaigns and start advertising with purpose. Whether you’re looking to drive brand awareness or increase market share, Trellis enables you to automatically set up consolidated campaigns across multiple objectives. The platform effectively deploys and reallocates budgets between branded and generic keywords to grow total sales.

dynamic Promotion & Relegation

Improve catalog productivity

Are 80% of your sales coming from 20% of your catalog? Trellis’ Dynamic Promotion and Relegation System (DPRS) improves your catalog productivity and rationalizes Amazon PPC results without manual inputs. Our platform automatically sorts large catalogues based on product performance to generate demand and optimize PPC results.

Frequently asked questions

Trellis’ AI is programmed to collect, analyze, and action data to maximize ROI. By testing bids on keywords based on the best times, shopping trends, and other factors, we allocate budget to high-performing keywords from low-performing ones. 

While auto campaigns simplify Amazon advertising, you need manual campaigns to profitably target specific keywords or ASINs while analyzing search terms, and campaign results. 

Trellis’ advertising platform gives you the best of both worlds. Our AI leverages the advantages of manual campaigns while giving you the simplicity of an auto campaign.

In short, it automates keyword/ASIN research, keyword implementation, and bid optimization. 

From creating to optimizing campaigns, our dashboard makes it seamless to manage Amazon PPC campaigns. Trellis’ advertising automation dashboard is designed for advertisers from basic to advanced knowledge. Even with basic advertising knowledge, you can easily create high-quality campaigns and understand your ad performance at a glance. 

While we offer dynamic charts with key metrics, you can also generate campaign reports at ad, category, keyword, and product levels. Our Market Intelligence also offers digital shelf analytics and purchase behavior insights. 

Our team of experts will guide you through the dashboard as a part of the onboarding process. If you want continued support, our Managed Services will get our experts to analyze and give insights for your Amazon Advertising strategy.

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