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eCommerce Merchandising
for Aggregators

Struggling to maintain numerous growing brands with fewer resources?

Manage More Brands With Less


Centralized Management

Through a portal and account-based user permissions.


Collaborate With Stakeholders

Using consolidated data presented at various drilldowns.


Standardize Processes

By running campaigns through a few core modules.


Consistent Profitable Growth

With 4Ps that respond to MoM and YoY changes.

Optimize Best Sellers

Take advantage of demand by balancing 4Ps for profit and volume of sales

Maximize healthy profit margins by automating Placement of Advertising, Product Content, conservative Promotions and Dynamic Pricing to earn mainstream adoption without racing to the bottom.

Accelerate Product Launches

Achieve lasting market penetration with aggressive 4P utilization

Leverage placement of advertising, Product SEO module, and dynamic pricing to maximize the reach and sales of new products. Supplement with aggressive promotions to lower barriers and undercut competitors.

Improve Cash Flow

Automate your eCommerce Merchandising to provide cash when you need it.

Running clearance on product lines and maximizing the average order value from price-sensitive customers is easy with Trellis. Get insight into what promotions you can run and how profitable they are, while running ads that move the most products at a profitable cost.

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Cross Referral

Get connected with clients looking for agency help.


Event and Webinars

Expand reach and improve brand awareness through joint webinars.


Dedicated Support

Streamlined support with a dedicated Slack channel.



Bulk Discounts

Revenue-based discounts to reward your growth.

Step into the future of eCommerce