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AI-based Amazon pricing software

Set optimal prices your customers want to pay, everyday.

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By leveraging dynamic pricing


Boost price driven sales 

Get competitor analysis to forecast the best pricing strategy for your goal.


Maximize profit margins 

Increase margins on each product while maintaining the desired sales volume.


Spend less time optimizing 

Enroll into dynamic pricing and save time changing prices every day for each product.


Win shopping seasons 

Adapt pricing strategy to trends and consumer behavior to maximize growth targets.

The perfect platform for your pricing strategy

By understanding your users' behavior, our tool adapts for sales growth, profit margins, or balancing both — for optimal results every day.

How Dynamic Pricing works?

Grow your business

With effective price modeling you can grow your business with predictable cash flow, penetrative pricing, and an understanding of your competitors. Try Dynamic Pricing’s growth settings for more sales in less time.

Optimize for profit

Up against tight margins and finding it difficult to advertise? You may not be priced for success. Our dynamic pricing software can help you find a price that will move your product at a profit optimized price.

Keep up with demand

Looking to manage inventory when your products are in high demand? Price them what they are worth and maximize your margin per product.

How Dynamic Pricing works?


1. Runs pricing tests 

Our price profiling algorithms examine historical product data and runs tests to gather intelligence on price-driven sales.


2. Predicts optimal pricing 

Using AI and ML, test results are
mapped out to suggest optimal prices whether maximizing sales or profits.


3. Automates price changes 

Once you set how fast you want your product to sell and at what profit, our system changes your prices daily.

Frequently asked questions

Although both tools automate price adjustments, they have different objectives.

Dynamic Pricing uses AI to analyze historical pricing data and predicts the optimal prices for either maximizing sales or profits. Whereas, repricer tools lower the price against competitors to win the buy box position.

“Goldilocks Pricing” refers to a pricing strategy where a product is neither priced too low nor too high, but “just right,” much like the porridge in the Goldilocks fairy tale. This strategy aims to find a pricing sweet spot that maximizes both sales volume and profit margins. In the context of dynamic pricing on Amazon, this would mean continually adjusting your prices based on various factors such as demand, competitor pricing, and seasonality, in an attempt to always stay within that ‘Goldilocks Zone.’

Most pricing tools such as Minimum Advertised Pricing (MAP) and repricer tools are rule-based, whereas Trellis’ Dynamic Pricing has an advanced algorithm that considers several data points. Talk to our experts to see if our tool can get you results without using another pricing tool.

Dynamic Pricing keeps the prices within a set range of minimum and maximum prices. If you sell on other marketplaces, our experts can help you leverage all your marketplaces with Dynamic Pricing.

The ultimate goal of Dynamic Pricing is not to win the buy box. If your goal is getting more sales, Dynamic pricing will indirectly be winning the buy box when it has to.

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