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Case Study: World Products Increases Sales by 3X While Saving 1,650 Hours


The Company: World Products

World Products is a full-service Amazon agency built to serve all parts of the Amazon merchandising experience for healthcare and OTC pharma brands of all sizes.

They’ve spent years helping brands grow their revenue as the go-to Healthcare Amazon agency. With clients like Vaseline, Compeed, and Théa Pharma, they have vast experience managing the entire Amazon workflow from shipping to warehousing to our bread and butter, advertising.

Looking to be specialists for their clients in everything they do, software was a natural solution to augment their processes and their output. They came to us with the exciting challenge of supporting their growing demand and meeting their clients’ tight targets.

The Challenge: Scaling Without Sacrificing Quality

As business was starting to boom on Healthcare Amazon in October of 2020, the World Products team came up with a business strategy to match that demand. Without sacrificing the quality of work, they were on the lookout to find a software to deploy their resources more effectively.

In doing so, they would maximize their team’s output on thought-driven, creative tasks such as strategy, data monitoring, and content creation. With an influx of Amazon advertising demand and wanting to maintain their reputation as Amazon specialists, they needed a solution and Trellis was the answer. 

The Solution: A Partner That's More Than Automation

In November 2020, World Products felt that our software would effectively manage the tasks that were taking up huge amounts of time. We improved workflows, and our customer success team helped augment their overall strategy.

Immediately, our automation jumped into labor intensive tasks such as keyword harvesting and bid optimization. Tasks that automation does more thoroughly, with a greater rate of success. Our system found new advertising opportunities, began to optimize bids daily for each keyword, and scaled their process beyond a few key products.

“With Trellis you get more than software, you get a team that cares about your agency’s success."

The ability to manage these labor intensive tasks through software gave the World Products’ team confidence to continue to grow without fears of how to manage their client list. Trellis’ predictive analytics, also provided actionable insights to support World Products in driving their clients’ strategies, allowing for more fruitful relationships.

To support this activity across their client list, Trellis brought accounts into one place, giving access to all of their clients through a drop down. Further augmenting the client experience, we built a white labeled portal for World Products to provide to their clients.

Our partnership expanded beyond software, introducing a close relationship with our customer success team. Through this, we troubleshoot issues expeditiously. We have regular meetings to discuss how we can best meet their clients’ goals. And as these opportunities grow, we are able to connect the dots on new features to illustrate how to get the most out of our software.

The Results: Scaling With Success

World Products can now grow without sacrificing work quality for clients big and small.

Within the first two months of running ads, they saw a 34% drop in ACoS for a ROAS of almost 14 across their organization. This efficiency coincided with over $37,000 more in sales seeing huge growth without any negative impacts to profit margins.

Looking into the future, our ACoS has continued to sit below 10% as monthly sales have tripled.

“We were able to reallocate about 75% of our PPC managers time to more thought-driven tasks."


In integrating World Products with our platform and customer success team, we’ve been able to save World Products over 30 hours of labor per account each week. Over our 19 month relationship that is almost 1,650 hours of labor for one account.

As we look into the future, that number will continue to grow as we automate more tedious yet important tasks and even more accounts are introduced to Trellis.

34% Lower ACoS

With keyword harvesting, bid optimization, and predictive analytics.

3X Monthly Sales

Through Digital Shelf & Purchasing Behaviour analytics, and customer success.

1,650 Hours Saved

By deploying Trellis on important, yet time intensive optimization tasks.

This article was written in collaboration with Ash from World Products.

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