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Free Amazon Chrome extension.

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Leverage our Amazon Seller chrome companion to instantly understand customers, gain a leg up on competitors, and access data without spending massive amounts on a/b tests.

Competitor Analyzer

Review the strongest brands to gain insights about your category.

Keyword Tracker

Follow opportunities using sales estimates and CPC projections.

Price and Demand Elasticity Calculator 

Inform pricing strategies based on competitors’ pricing history 

Product Sales Estimator

Identify and innovate on the top ASINs by estimated sales.

Amazon Listing
Health Checker 

Develop content by learning from the top brands in your space.

Frequently asked questions

It offers a comprehensive toolkit for gaining a competitive edge in the Amazon marketplace. It provides insights into competitor pricing, an understanding of competitor keyword targeting, valuable data on competitors’ promotional activities, and analyzes how competitors approach content.

The inclusion of historical data allows for trend analysis, aiding in inventory management and marketing strategy optimization. Being the first of its kind, early adopters gain a competitive advantage by accessing unique insights that can drive data-driven decision-making and adaptation to market trends more effectively.

Our Chrome extension empowers Amazon businesses to fine-tune pricing, target keywords strategically, optimize promotions, and enhance content strategy. By harnessing these insights, businesses can not only compete more effectively but also attract more customers and, ultimately, optimize their profits in the dynamic and competitive Amazon ecosystem.

Trellis’ Chrome extension assists businesses in pricing their products by providing insights into competitor pricing strategies, enabling dynamic pricing adjustments, identifying price gaps, and validating the effectiveness of their pricing strategy.

With access to this data, businesses can make more informed decisions, optimizing their prices to maximize profitability in the competitive Amazon marketplace.

Our Amazon  Chrome extension supports your advertising efforts by providing insights into competitor keyword targeting, augmenting listing content, and supporting pricing and promotion strategies.

Use our Keyword Tracker and Amazon Listing Health Chcker to improve the relevance of your campaigns enhancing overall conversion rates.

Leverage our Price and Demand Elasticity Calculator to match customer expectations, accelerating the effectiveness of each ad dollar.

Stay a step ahead of the category with our Competitor Analyzer which harvests the top brands and products.

Our Chrome extension helps you find gaps and correct weaknesses to keep advertising campaigns healthy and to get the most out of every dollar.


There are no hidden fees. 

This Chrome extension is meant to help businesses of all sizes grow profitability. As you grow and operations get more complicated, brands can subscribe to our fully-automated platform that leverages many of the same data signals to grow your business with you.

Our tool is centred around established brands with thriving products who want to continue to push their brands.

We focus on maximizing what has already been successful for you while using those successes to find new avenues of growth.

We look for holistic and sustainable solutions as outline in our eCommerce Merchandising philosophy

Oh! And did we forget to mention that ours is completely free! No need for credit cards and company approvals, start today!


You only have to install one extension and you get all of the functionality integrated with one another. 

This means that you can leverage data from a competitor, then drill down into their pricing strategy, and see how it impacts their sales.

Our chrome extension is built to be flexible and to fit into your current workflows.

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Among good company.

Our customers are unlocking their profit potential the same way you are – by integrating their merchandising efforts with all the data at their disposal.

Powering profit at every stage.

Turn on your co-pilot for Amazon profit.

Browse and track your most profitable keywords.

Track your targets to enhance product visibility, improve relevance to customers, and monitor competitor changes. Control costs by focusing on high-performing keywords, contributing to increased profitability in the fiercely competitive Amazon space.

Monitor competing brands and products.

Gain a competitive edge. Understand market dynamics, differentiate your offerings, and adapt to changing market conditions. Collect sales estimates and identify the tactics that brands and products use to solidify their market position and maximize revenue potential.

Calculate the profit sensitivity of rivalling products.

Make strategic pricing decisions and optimize for profitability based on how changes in pricing affect sales and revenue for similar products. Identify pricing sweet spots, respond to market fluctuations, and customer preferences to maximize profit margins. 

Identify merchandising optimization opportunities.

Discover gaps in the market through pricing, advertising, content, and promotions. Identify what are table stakes and who is underserved in the market to position yourself competitively. From attracting price-sensitive customers to commanding a premium for added value effective merchandising strategies tailored to these gaps can capture the attention of untapped customer segments, driving sales and profitability.

Download our free chrome extension.