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How MapSherpa successfully scaled advertising on Amazon

MapSherpa Case Study

There are lots to think about as a big brand on Amazon — supply chain, stock, content, reviews, shipping, and advertising.

MapSherpa was no exception to this long list of priorities. As a growing brand on Amazon, they faced the challenge of scaling the business while keeping the fixed cost low and deploying the capital in the most effective way. Amazon is a significant channel for MapSherpa, and it continues to grow year over year. Because of this, MapSherpa knew it was time to start looking into strategic investments in the team and the tools required to drive growth further growth on the platform. MapSharpa engaged with Trellis to scale their advertising across different product lines and was able to:

  • Strategically build a long-term structure using Trellis’s built in category management system
  • Effectively deploy budget to scale advertising across a big catalogue of products.
  • Effectively increase both advertised sales while decreasing ACoS and growing total sales
  • Bring consistency to advertising across multiple marketplaces on Amazon
  • Utilize his time to focus on business areas that require a personal touch

Problem: Big product catalogue and lack of resources to implement an effective advertising strategy

Prior to Trellis, Dave was manually driving and experimenting with Amazon advertising strategies. He quickly realized this wasn’t a smart use of time, and that there was no way this strategy could possibly optimize ads across all 50,000 SKUs. There was a need for an automated solution to take this task off his team’s plate, so Dave turned to Trellis as he was already familiar with the benefits of using an AI-powered system. “We knew that in order to grow our business on Amazon, we needed to get the ad optimization down right. And we also knew that this wouldn’t be possible by managing and optimizing our ads manually”- Dave

Solution: Automating Amazon PPC campaigns, a Scalable Strategy

With Trellis’ smart category structure-function, MapSherpa was able to organize products and measure performance based on his business lines — giving them the ability to think of ACoS & ROAS based on the margins of the product lines instead of as a function of advertising alone. This equipped MapSherpa to make better business decisions based on category performances.  Trellis’ platform took the guesswork out of Amazon advertising and was able to bring AI and ML to: 

  • Discover more profitable keywords
  • Continuously optimize bids to lower ACoS
  • Manage budget dynamically to maximize sales to reach target ACoS

“For a data guy, I always knew that AI and ML was the answer to my ability to successfully advertise on Amazon. Trellis is on to something and is exactly what I needed” – Dave

Results: Increase in sales, profit margin, and time saved

Trellis simplified the process of creating ads, drove down ACoS while ensuring both organic and ad sales grew. By automating their Amazon PPC campaigns, MapSherpa was able to focus on other aspects of running a successful business on Amazon including supply chain management, listing updates, and keeping products in stock. With a dashboard for monitoring performance across product lines and deploying ad budgets with purpose.

“Thanks to Trellis I’ve reduced my ad spend by 25%, increased sales by 30%, increased profit margin by 10% AND my category by 33%” – Dave

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