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Promotions for Amazon Sellers

Stop running deficit producing promotions and deals.

Understand How Promotions Drive Long-Term Growth


Predictable Sales

Using estimated sales modeling and reports across products.


Manage Uplift

Through historical results and real-time promotion-driven sales tracking.


Understand Profitability

With profit margin calculations in our app and chrome extension.


Adapt in Real-Time

And augment your promotions with advertising.

Sales Estimator

Model and forecast sales to make strategic decisions

Maximize promotions and shopping seasons by predicting sales volume. Enroll and strategize around high-margin products that will contribute to your quarterly objectives.

Promotion Chrome Extension

Understand your profit margins right in your Amazon Promotions dashboard

Amazon’s suggested promotions are not always profitable. Augment your current workflow by having clear data around profit margins to enroll the right products.

Promotion Planning

Schedule and support your promotions with a 4P strategy. Then monitor results in real-time.

Plan your discounts ahead of time to leverage your advertising and product content. See how your total sales improve as you adapt your strategy.

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