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eCommerce Merchandising For Established Brands

Not getting your fair share?

Lead your market with Trellis’ 4P Automation


Competitor Insights

With price tracking, keyword reports, and digital shelf analytics. 


Manage Vast Inventories 

Through automated life-cycle tags and daily optimization.


Adapt On-The-Fly

By merchandising your eCommerce
in just a few clicks.


Grow Your Market Share

Through optimized content, ads, pricing, and promotions.

Optimize Best Sellers

Take advantage of demand by balancing 4Ps for profit and volume of sales

Maximize healthy profit margins by automating Placement of Advertising, Product Content, conservative Promotions and Dynamic Pricing to earn mainstream adoption without racing to the bottom.

Improve Cash Flow

Automate your eCommerce Merchandising to provide cash when you need it

Running clearance on product lines and maximizing the average order value from competitive prices is easy with Trellis. Have insight into what promotions you can run and how profitable they are, while running ads that move the most products at a profitable cost.

Maximizing Shopping Seasons

Establish your brand during the most critical times of the year

Run a balanced approach to increase sales, profitably. Use aggressive promotions on top of healthy profit margins to ensure that you are making money while protecting BSR from your competitors’ deficit-driven promotions.

Step into the future of eCommerce