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Merchandising Workflows for
Amazon Sellers

Having difficulty adopting standardized operating procedures that help you grow?

Implement Automation For Your Workforce


Manage Vast Inventories 

Through automated life-cycle tags and user-defined categories.


Streamline Management

Using guided campaign modules in just a few clicks. 


Grow Market Share

By focusing automation on the 80/20 rule.


Run Deals Strategically

With transparency on stock levels and objective-focused AI.

Integrate the 4Ps

Focus on product launches, clearance, deals planning, and more.

Trellis optimizes the 4Ps to meet specific objectives for each product line. Maximize the output of your campaigns to meet your strategic objectives.

Product Categories

Group products for more streamlined optimization and management

Get high-level reports on your products based on strategic initiatives. Drill down into relevant metrics and trends.

Automated Life Cycle Tags

Dynamic filters to understand sales demand and stock Levels

Trellis organizes products for you. Never miss leveraging a best seller or clearing out an overstocked product again.

We grow together

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We believe you can relate and write your own.

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