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Frequently asked questions

For effective Amazon listing optimization, Amazon recommends keeping product titles within 200 characters or less. While the maximum character limit may vary slightly depending on the specific category or product type, it is generally advisable to aim for concise and informative titles that effectively convey the key details of the product.


A well-optimized product title should include relevant keywords that accurately describe the product, its main features, and any distinguishing attributes. It’s important to prioritize essential information and use clear, concise language to make the title easily scannable and understandable for potential customers.


Remember to follow Amazon’s guidelines for product titles, which may differ depending on the category. Avoid including promotional language, excessive capitalization, special characters, or any information unrelated to the product itself.

Ultimately, a well-crafted product title can enhance search visibility, improve click-through rates, and attract the attention of potential customers, contributing to the success of your Amazon listing quality score.

Are videos important for Amazon listing quality score?

Videos are important in an Amazon listing for several reasons. Firstly, videos have the ability to convey information and showcase products in a dynamic and engaging manner. They provide a visual demonstration of the product’s features, functionality, and usage, which can help potential customers understand the product better and make informed purchasing decisions.


Secondly, videos can enhance the credibility and trustworthiness of a product. By showcasing the product in action, demonstrating its quality, and addressing common concerns or questions, videos instill confidence in customers and increase their trust in the product and the brand.


Furthermore, videos significantly improve the conversion rate of a listing. They can captivate and hold the attention of potential customers, encouraging them to stay longer on the product page and increasing the likelihood of a purchase. Videos can also help to differentiate a product from competitors and create a memorable impression, increasing the chances of customers choosing that particular product over others.


Overall, incorporating videos in an Amazon listing can enhance the overall shopping experience, boost customer engagement, build trust, and ultimately drive sales by effectively showcasing the product’s value and benefits.

How many images do I need on a Amazon listing?

Amazon recommends including a minimum of six product images in an Amazon listing. However, it’s important to note that the number of images you include can vary depending on the type of product, its complexity, and the information you want to convey.


While six images are the minimum requirement, it is often beneficial to provide additional images to offer a comprehensive view of the product from different angles, highlight key features, showcase product variations or options, and provide close-up details. Including multiple high-quality images can help customers visualize the product better, address potential questions or concerns, and ultimately increase the chances of making a purchase.

What is A+ Content on a Amazon listing?

A+ Content, also known as Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) or Amazon Enhanced Marketing Content (EMC), is a feature on Amazon that allows brand owners and sellers to enhance their product detail pages with additional multimedia and customizable content. It enables sellers to showcase their brand story, product benefits, and unique selling propositions through a combination of enhanced images, formatted text, comparison charts, videos, and more.


A+ Content provides an opportunity to create a more immersive and informative shopping experience for customers, going beyond the standard product listing. It allows sellers to present their products in a visually appealing and engaging way, helping to differentiate their brand and products from competitors. A+ Content can increase customer trust and confidence, highlight product features and benefits, cross-sell related items, and ultimately drive conversion rates and sales.


To access A+ Content, sellers need to be a part of Amazon’s Brand Registry program or have a professional selling account with Amazon. They can then create and manage A+ Content through the Amazon Seller Central platform, using a variety of pre-designed templates and customization options to tailor the content to their brand and products.


It’s important to note that A+ Content is subject to Amazon’s guidelines and policies, and sellers should ensure that their content adheres to the rules and remains in compliance with Amazon’s terms of service.

Should I have A+ Content on my Amazon listing?

Having A+ Content on your Amazon listing can provide several benefits and is generally recommended for sellers. Here are some reasons why you should consider incorporating A+ Content:

  1. Enhanced Brand Presentation: A+ Content allows you to create a visually appealing and informative representation of your brand and products. It enables you to showcase your unique selling propositions, brand story, and product features in a more engaging and visually appealing way.
  2. Differentiation from Competitors: A+ Content helps you stand out from the competition by offering a more compelling and comprehensive shopping experience. It allows you to highlight the key advantages and benefits of your products, making them more appealing to potential customers.
  3. Increased Conversion Rates: The immersive and informative nature of A+ Content can significantly impact conversion rates. By providing additional product information, addressing potential concerns, and offering a visually appealing presentation, A+ Content can help increase customer confidence, resulting in higher conversion rates and improved sales.
  4. Cross-Selling and Up-Selling Opportunities: A+ Content provides an opportunity to showcase related products, upsell complementary items, and cross-sell different variations or bundles. This can encourage customers to explore and purchase additional products from your brand.
  5. Brand Equity and Trust: A+ Content allows you to strengthen your brand identity and build trust with customers. By presenting a professional and cohesive brand image, you can enhance customer perception and loyalty, leading to repeat purchases and positive word-of-mouth recommendations.

However, it’s important to note that A+ Content may not be suitable for all products or situations. Consider factors such as your budget, resources, and the complexity of your product before investing in A+ Content. Additionally, monitor and analyze the performance of your A+ Content to ensure it is delivering the desired results and meeting your business objectives.

Can Trellis help me improve my content?

Yes, our Amazon listing checker and the Trellis platform can help you improve your Amazon listing in addition to optimizing your advertising campaigns. Here’s how we can assist you in improving your Amazon listing:

  1. Content Optimization: Trellis provides tools and guidance to optimize your product listings. This includes optimizing product titles, bullet points, product descriptions, and backend keywords. By leveraging data-driven insights, keyword research, and best practices, Trellis can help you create compelling and relevant product content to improve discoverability and conversion rates.
  2. Competitor Analysis: Trellis offers competitor analysis features that allow you to gain insights into how your competitors are positioning their products. By understanding their strategies, pricing, and key selling points, you can identify opportunities to differentiate your listing and make informed decisions to improve your competitive advantage.
  3. Performance Analytics: Trellis offers comprehensive analytics and reporting features that provide insights into the performance of your Amazon listing. You can track key metrics such as sales, conversion rates, and customer reviews to understand how your listing is performing and make data-driven optimizations.

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3 Reasons to optimize your product listing content on Amazon.


Improve SEO

Optimizing your content for Amazon SEO is crucial. With the right updates, improve your product's visibility, organic growth, and find new-to-brand customers. Develop content related to keywords for the product, and by understanding the target audience's needs.

Trellis' content module provides a complete solution. Supporting everything from keyword exploration to creating SEO-optimized product listings with a few clicks using search term reports, our inline copy editor, and AI (more on it later). 

Searchability score

Get more clicks

Content increases the chance shoppers will be interested in your products, determined by the product listing. The more your title and image appeal to the needs of the customer the more likely they will want to learn more.

At Trellis, we've developed The Searchability Score to evaluate how well your product ranks on the digital shelf. The Searchability Score factors: Title, Price, Hero image, Retail Readiness, Ratings, and Page Views.


Sell More Units

Increase the likelihood that a shopper will purchase your product through quality content. Address pain-points, needs, and hesitancies through a captivating, interesting, and concise listing. 

At Trellis we've developed the Buyability Score which tracks: Images, Videos, Feature bullets, A+ Content, Reviews, and Product FAQs to help increase conversions.

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